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It all started with a box...

Wandering through a flea market in France several years ago, I came across a box loaded with fèves, the tiny porcelain charms baked into King Cakes during the Epiphany season. As I stood there looking at the dusty, old shoe box loaded with little porcelain figures, the memories came flooding back... making a cake with my mother and hiding a baby inside, devouring the cake and finding the charm. And of course I found it! These memories are especially cherished as I lost her when I was just 5 years old.

That box of fèves led to the creation of ValueARTifacts, the etsy store where I sell fèves and now the creation of I hope you will spend some time. This is a place to learn about the French Epiphany traditions and history. Perhaps find a new recipe or make a new friend who is also passionate for the amazing little miniatures.

I am a Blogging Newbie

I have never blogged before - so bear with me as I learn everything! Please feel free to give me pointers, suggestions on what to feature, what you want to see, hear or learn about!

Feves in an Advent Calendar

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