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One of the most vivid memories that I have of my mother, who passed away when I was just 5, is of baking an Epiphany Cake - and then being delighted to find the fève. What child doesn't love to being King for a day! I had completely forgotten about the epiphany tradition until I stumbled across a box of fèves at a Paris Flea Market - the memories came pouring back and I fell in love with these tiny treasures. Upon our return home we had a hard time finding out more information, especially with my poor French skills. There wasn't a collector's group or single resource for buying or learning more about fèves here in the US.

After selling fèves on Etsy for a year - we realized there was a need for a collector site and store. So Feve Collector was created!

I love fèves! With my family I enjoy creating and modify customs to suit us personally, I feel these rituals and traditions are what bind us together as a family. There are so many fun things we do with fèves. We use them as rewards in our household; when my son was brave enough to perform a guitar solo in front of the entire school, he got a guitar fève. When he earned his black belt in karate he got a tiny Asian Temple fève. He treasures these tropies and knows exactly how he earned each one! - is also the etsy store: ValueARTifacts.  The prices and inventory are the same in both locations.  Feel free to shop in either location!

Thanks! Message sent.

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